2021 Kenya Cup fixtures released

The Kenya Cup season will kick off on 27 February 2021 and the fixtures for the campaign have been released by the governing body.

Unlike the previous two seasons, the 2020/21 campaign will see teams face off on a one-off format. The season is expected to kick-off with a Charity Cup match between Kenya Cup holders and Enterprise Cup winners.


Teams will head into the regular season which will have 11 rounds and will run between  27 February to May 8 2021. The campaign will then head to the knock-out stage. The semi-finals are set for 22 May 2020, and the Kenya Cup Final is on 29 May.

Kabras who finished top in the 2019/20 regular season will kick off the title chase with a home clash against a newly-promoted side. on 27 February. Kenya Cup holders KCB will also start off the season with a home clash against KRU Championship winners

Kenya Harlequins will tackle their neighbours Impala in the Ngong road derby as Nakuru hosts Oilers in the Nakuru Derby. Nondies will play Homeboyz with Blak Blad taking on Mwamba RFC in other matches of the opening day.

Day two will see Oiler’s host newbies with Mwamba travelling to Nakuru. KCB will have a date with Nondies while Kabras will be away to a newly promoted side. Kenya Harlequins will have a date with Homeboyz whilst  Blak Blad will face Impala.

Matchday six will have KCB and Kabras travelling to Nakuru to face Oilers and Nakuru respectively.  Impala will meet KCB and Kabras on matchday eight and nine respectively.

KCB head to Kakamega

Homeboyz are also scheduled to have back to back clashes against KCB and Kabras on matchday nine and 10. For the first time since 3 December 2016, KCB will head to Kakamega to play Kabras in the regular season on 8 May 2021 which will be the last day of the season.

20 February
League Curtain Raiser
KCB v Kabras Sugar

27 February
Kabras Sugar v Promoted Team B
KCB v Promoted Team A
Homeboyz v Nondescript
Impala Saracens v Kenya Harlequin
Mwamba v Blak Blad
Menengai Oilers v Nakuru

6 March
Menengai Oilers v Promoted Team B
Nakuru v Mwamba
Blak Blad v Impala Saracens
Kenya Harlequin v Homeboyz
Nondescript v KCB
Promoted Team A v Kabras Sugar

13 March
Promoted Team B v Promoted Team A
Kabras Sugar v Nondescript
KCB v Kenya Harlequin
Homeboyz v Blak Blad
Impala Saracens v Nakuru
Mwamba v Menengai Oilers

20 March
Mwamba v Promoted Team B
Menengai Oilers v Impala Saracens
Nakuru v Homeboyz
Blak Blad v KCB
Kenya Harlequin v Kabras Sugar
Nondescript v Promoted Team A

27 March
Promoted Team B v Nondescript
Promoted Team A v Kenya Harlequin
Kabras Sugar v Blak Blad
KCB v Nakuru
Homeboyz v Menengai Oilers
Impala Saracens v Mwamba

3 April
Impala Saracens v Promoted Team B
Mwamba v Homeboyz
Menengai Oilers v KCB
Nakuru v Kabras Sugar
Blak Blad v Promoted Team A
Kenya Harlequin v Nondescript

10 April
Promoted Team A v Kenya Harlequin
Nondescript v Blak Blad
Promoted Team A v Nakuru
Kabras Sugar v Menengai Oilers
KCB v Mwamba
Homeboyz v Impala Saracens

17 April
Homeboyz v Promoted Team B
Impala Saracens v KCB
Mwamba v Kabras Sugar
Menengai Oilers v Promoted Team A
Nakuru v Nondescript
Blak Blad v Kenya Harlequin

24 April
Promoted Team B v Blak Blad
Kenya Harlequin v Nakuru
Nondescript v Menengai Oilers
Promoted Team A v Mwamba
Kabras Sugar v Impala Saracens
KCB v Homeboyz

1 May
KCB v Promoted Team B
Homeboyz v Kabras Sugar
Impala Saracens v Promoted Team A
Mwamba v Nondescript
Menengai Oilers v Kenya Harlequin
Nakuru v Blak Blad

8 May
Promoted Team B v Nakuru
Blak Blad v Menengai Oilers
Kenya Harlequin v Mwamba
Nondescript v Impala Saracens
Promoted Team A v Homeboyz
Kabras Sugar v KCB

22 May
Semi Finals
Rank 1 v Rank 4
Rank 2 v Rank 3

29 May
Kenya Cup Final

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