Rest In Peace

Muhuri Muchiri youngster drowns ahead of National rugby games

Former East African 7s Champions Muhuri Muchiri High School have been left mourning ahead of the National School Games after one of their 7s player Daniel Omari Mokua drowned.

It is reported that the youngster together with his teammates left Shimo La Tewa High where they were residing and went swimming at the beach.

A person believed to be near the scene during the incident posted that Mokua, a form four student helped his teammates who had been swept by the strong currents in the Ocean but was overpowered in the end.

“This young man from Muhuri Muchiri high school has drowned saving three of his schoolmates two hours ago just outside Neptune beach hotel. He saved them but was too exhausted to swim to shore and the waves were very strong. All this as I watched with others unable to help. May God rest his soul in eternal peace, ” reads a Facebook post by Dabs Simo¬†

The school games will kick off on Tuesday with the 15s matches set to commence in the morning while the 15s games are set for the afternoon.

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