But that’s all we had!!! Uganda Rugby responds to meager allowances after Kenya tie

Uganda Rugby Union has defended their low allowance given to their players after their Elgon Cup home game against Kenya. 

According to a statement from the Union Secretary General Godwin Kayangwe on posted on Kawowo, UGS 150,000 equivalent of ksh 4324 is what they could afford.The union said that the allowance had worsened by weakening of Uganda shilling against the dollar.

“The truth is the match day allowance as of current policy for a home game is UGX 150,000. A few years ago, the match day allowance was USD 100 dollars when the exchange rate was UGX 2,000 to the dollar. However, because of the unfavorable exchange rate (heading to UGX 4,000), it was not prudent to maintain the allowance pegged to the dollar. After all, the sponsorship funds we receive are in UGX,” read part of the statement from the union.

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The union said that organizing such events are costly and and the expenses goes beyond taking care of players welfare.

“Organizing an event of the magnitude of Elgon cup is a monumental challenge. Besides looking after the players’ welfare, other expenses include security, air tickets, accommodation, medical, entertainment, not to mention the training allowances for players (over 50 have been training since January). The URU strategy is therefore to create partnerships that create a very enjoyable Rugby experience that can get more people to watch and more sponsors to fund the game. By doing this, we will be in a stronger position to improve the players’ welfare, he added.

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There has been a lot of issues concerning National team players with most of them complaining of mistreatment during their preseason tour in Kakamega.

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